Bottle Opener Mug

mug animation
  • For my final project in Stanford's ME203 class, I decided to make a mug with bottle opener built into the bottom.
  • This was primarily a welding/brazing project with a small amount of milling to make the bottle opener part.
  • The end product took hundreds of hours of work, but I loved every minute of it and looked forward to spending many hours a day working in the PRL (Product Realization Lab).


mug prototype
Above: A store-bought bottle opener, inset in a piece of cardboard and taped to the bottom of a coffee mug, next to a practice piece for milling the bottle opener.

Right: Bottle opener in action.
mug prototype

CAD Modeling

mug cad
304 stainless steel mug body, brass tubing handle, and a polycarbonate liner

Milling and Sanding

mug milling
Final bottle opener bottom milled with extra lip for improved grip.
pre welding
Steel parts milled, cut, and sanded and ready for welding.


The three bottom pieces of the mug press fit together, welded, and then ground.

Tube Bending

mug handle
Tube finishing on the lathe.
mug handle
Successful and unsuccessful tube bending.


Above: Setting up the handle for brazing.

Right: After brazing and before flux cleanup.


sandblasting prep
After very many hours of sanding, custom laser-cut vinyl stickers are applied in preparation for sandblasting.

Final Product!

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