Duck Hunt (x86 Assembly)

Description: A recreation of the classic NES Duck Hunt game

Details: x86 Assembly using EGA 320x200 graphics mode with 16 colors

Context: Final project for CS201 Computer Systems Organization (NYU, Spring 2008)

Game Comparisons

title screen
Title screen
original title screen
Title screen from original game
Typical gameplay
original gameplay
Gameplay from original game
Sprites used
original sprites
Sprite references from original game

Additional Screenshots

Optional instructions
level select
Difficulty selection

Game Details

trajectory diagram
  • Trajectory Determination
  • Every time the duck spawned or bounced off of an edge, the outgoing trajectory was randomly assigned to be one of three possibilities.
  • The game area is treated as a grid of 40x25 blocks.

Game Difficulty Comparison


From left to right: Representations of easy, medium, and hard difficulty.
Game difficulty was simplistically set by slowing down or speeding up the FPS.

Not exactly the most realistic in terms of gravity, but it is highly entertaining to watch people try and play on the hard difficulty.

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