Miyata Team Titanium (1991)


The project bike and the favorite

old miyata
  • Purchased as a graduation gift to myself, this bike was slowly cleaned and overhauled from a triathlon setup (as purchased shown on the left) to a road setup.
  • I handbuilt a new front wheel with a new rim, spokes, nipples, and the original hub.
  • The groupset is full Dura Ace 7400.

Giant Defy (2009)


The country crossing companion

bike and build map

In the summer of 2009, I did a charity bike ride called Bike & Build, where I biked 3700 miles from Jacksonville, FL to San Francisco, CA.

My route, Southern U.S, was one of eight cross-country routes, and we had 32 riders, who each raised at least $4000 for the cause of affordable housing in order to participate in the trip.

We had ten days devoted to working on build sites, including a full week in the still Katrina-devastated New Orleans.

Bike & Build was the best summer of my life, strengthening my knowledge and commitment to combating the affordable housing problem, as well as introducing me to road bikes and new lifelong friends.

Prior to Bike & Build, the bike I most recently owned had a basket on the front and was also from fourth grade.
I had never even ridden a road bike before, and then I rode one across the entire country! Craziness!


Redline 925 (2009)


The bad weather commuter and grocery getter

The bike has since been installed with fenders and new bar tape.